The Elegant Wedding Chapel

Partnering with ballroom's all over the valley so YOU have the perfect choice.
Have a venue in mind that only provides tables and chairs?

Let us know and we can create a package for you for everything else.


How does this work? It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 :)

You pay a deposit and we work out a payment plan that suits YOUR needs. Once a deposit is made, we send you an email packet connecting you with all vendors. To keep it as stress free as possible, they will wait until you reach out to them, on YOUR schedule, to begin planning your STRESS FREE wedding.
We can work on YOUR schedule via phone, email, in person, it is up to you. You may set meetings with all at once or individually, depending on YOUR preferences. ​Our planner and day of coordinator will be available to you the entire time for advice, other vendor location, and anything else YOU need. All emails, texts, and calls are returned within 24-48 hours at most, sometimes earlier depending on other jobs.

You may wonder why each venue has different pricing. It is because each venue has its own pricing and that is what they charge us. BUT, they give us pricing that is not available to the general public. We have special rates and pass that along to YOU.

We want you to know what we mean when you see all that is included in our packages :)

Event hours: Your event is for the hours listed. You may choose your time frame. The location is open earlier for vendors.

Wedding officiant: Our sister company, I Do 4 U Wedding Officiants , is your ceremony professional. 

Hair & Make-up: Our professional has a wonderful salon for you to relax in and get even more beautiful.

Bridal Suite: If your package comes with a bridal suite, it is for the day of and the night as well.

Additional rooms: Our hotels offer a special discount for any additional rooms booked under your wedding.

Cake: We don't just give you 1 or 2 choices. You may customize shape, color, design, and flavor.

Catering: Lots of choices and taste tastings for your selection.

Alcohol: Each location has different requirements. Some provide alcohol and some do not. It is listed on each page.

Linens: You have a very wonderful selection of linens, sashes, overlays, etc. All the latest and most beautiful.

Florals: If your event has fresh florals you have lots of options, we dont have pre-designed ones. You make the choice.

Photo/Video: You get all photos and/or video. There is nothing else to buy. Our professional takes photos all night long.

DJ: Our DJ's are AWESOME and will customize your entire playlist. They are there for the ceremony AND reception.

Planner/Coordinator: We are there the entire time... just for you.

 Itinerary: We create an itinerary to make sure your timeline is perfect all night long.